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How the Lily Noches brand started in Europe

We met designer Lily Noches-Dvonč eight years ago in Miami. At that time, she was working in the real estate investment field while dedicating her free time to bringing her Zipper Art Fashion concept to life. 

Lily has been a creative and art supporter since a very early age and has always fused the arts into her personal and professional life. It is because of her love for the arts that she decided to collaborate with different modern day artists by using their works as the prints that adorn her convertible designs. Her very first artistic collaboration was with her cousin, renowned Colombian artist Douglas Mendoza. 

Her designs started to be successfully shown in fashion fairs and boutiques in the USA and customers grew enthusiastic about her creative and transformable fashion concept. As the years passed and our friendship grew closer, we offered her the opportunity to partner with us to expand her brand to Europe. Lily accepted the partnership with great joy and excitement.  

We are really impressed with the quality, creativity and functionality of her designs and are eager to share it with the European women whom we are sure will embrace this innovative concept.  

With love,

Lilian Denicolai and Ginette Planken